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Things to consider while buying raincoats

The way shoes protect your leg from small stone in the same way the raincoat protects you from rain and strong wind. It allows you to move freely in the rainy season. Stylish rain gear is also necessary for outdoor activities. A raincoat is an ideal choice for the kids who is not able to hold an umbrella. Today the raincoats also come in ample variety in terms of colours and fabrics.

Suits your Personality

Every person had his own choice, own level of comfort. Peoples who are short and skinny, for example, athletes, joggers and cyclist they need a particular type of raincoats which provide them fitting and allow them to quickly move their legs. Athletes need a specific kind of raincoat, which is sweating absorbent and which is breathable while running. If you are a mountaineer, then you need a raincoat which is light in weight.


This is one of the most essential things that keep in mind while purchasing a raincoat. If the length of raincoat is too short, then it will not be able to keep you dry, and if the size of raincoat is too long, then it will create a disturbance while walking, so the length factor in the raincoat is so essential. Generally, the length of raincoats for women is always longer at the back.

Pit zippers & external pockets

Pit zippers are necessary for the person who has a habit of running and walking. Pit zipper provides proper ventilation. Pit zipper provides you with the extra lining of waterproof in your raincoat. Raincoats having pit zipper are suitable for every climate. Apart from pit zipper external pocket gives you fast access for your essential materials that you want to save from the rain. A large number of exterior pockets is also damaging your raincoat by increasing the weight of raincoat.


An excellent adjustable hood is necessary for every raincoat which can protect your head from heavy wind, rain, snow and sunlight. But make sure that the hood is not heavy. If your hood has a shield around, it gives additional benefit. The most important thing it will provide you with extra safety if you are wearing a spectacle. Secondly, it allows you to see in front of you while running another benefit is if you are a girl than it saves your makeup from streaming.

Internal chest pockets

This is the most essential thing that people are looking in their rain jackets. The right size of internal shell pocket is needed for carrying your important documents, money and electronic gadgets like mobile, dry and safe and make sure that your interior pockets have a zip, so your devices didn’t come out from your pocket. You cannot trust on external pockets when there is heavy rain outside.

 Rainy season cannot be avoided; you have to do your duties as usual days. If you are planning to go outside and wants to enjoy the rainy weather and bear the responsibility, then you need a good raincoat.

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